Simala, Sibonga Cebu, Philippines!

The Philippines is known to be the 4th largest Christian country on earth, with about 90% of the population adherents. Most Filipinos go to church every Sunday or even other days to pray. Not only the residents of the country, but also foreigners. For some reasons, they want to know the history behind the church, on how it was made, why, when, and etc. 

To name one, Basilica del Sto. Nińo is the most visited church in Cebu. sto.PNG 

(photo not mine)

The oldest Roman Catholic church in the country, it is built on the spot where the image of the Santo Niño de Cebú was found during the expedition of Miguel López de Legazpi. You can know more by going there by taxi or jeepney. The exact location  in city block bordered by Osmeña Boulevard, D. Jakosalem St, P. Burgos St. and the Plaza Sugbo where the Magellan’s Cross is located. The main entrance is on Osmeña Boulevard. Two blocks north of the basilica is the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu.


This is the famous Sinulog festival in Cebu. Here’s the link from my previous post about it

Another well-known church  is located in Simala where you can see the miraculous image of Mama Mary. It is usually called the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, popularly known as Simala Shrine or Simala Church. 

 simala.PNG (photo not mine)

It is a castle-like church located in Marian Hills of upper Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Simala Shrine was built in 1998 by the Marian Monks from Pampanga, after the occurrence of several miraculous events, including that of Mama Mary’s shedding of tears. Because of the said miracles, Simala Shrine became so popular that devotees and believers flock the shrine, hoping and believing that their prayer requests would be granted. The shrine’s castle-like and picturesque structure makes it even more popular, drawing local and foreign tourists, alike.


It was year 2010 when I took and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) when I first visited the church. Since then, I always go there once a year.


(This photo was taken last year 2016)


(I saw this in 2016, the same year I bought my dslr cam and I couldn’t help but took a glimpse. It’s beautiful!)

How to get there?

  1. Go to South Bus Terminal and ride a Ceres Bus going to Sibonga. (The driver Bus driver will just inform the passengers once you get there.
  2. When you reach the stop point, take a motorcycle going to the Shrine.

However, if you’re not comfortable taking a bus, you can also go to Citilink and take a V-hire there. It takes 1 and half hour. Sometimes the driver will just wait or ask your number to fetch you back to Cebu city.


  1. Bring your own food to be safe especially to those who have sensitive stomach, and to save money as well. You might dislike the food around.
  2. No wearing of sleeveless, shorts, and tube blouses.
  3. No smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks, dating, and shouting.


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Untold Feelings!

Always tell someone how you feel, because chances are lost in the blink of an eye but regrets can last a lifetime!

But what if you’re having second thoughts of admitting your feelings? What if you don’t want to be rejected? What if you tend to consider your own self and instead of telling it, you’re hiding it and in the end?…. you see yourself in pain! The pain that would probably give you struggles almost everyday. Yes pain may heal…but do you think it gives you justice? Hell not!!! Untold love hurts more than rejected love! Always remember that!

Now you see yourself regretting, crying, struggling, and in pain seeing the most important person in your life being tied with someone else! It’s all your fault. Don’t ever blame it to others because for once in your life you had the CHANCE and that CHANCE has been taken for granted.

You try to be happy, showing a beautiful smile in front of everyone but you are a hypocrite! You’re a great pretender. Every night you have dreams, dreams with that person who caused you tons of sleepless nights.

You keep on telling to yourself to take the next step, an acceptance in progress. Do you think moving on is easy? Stop lying to yourself. I know you still hope and wait for the things that won’t ever happen.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to take chances. Be a risk taker in choosing and making decisions to avoid regrets!

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7 Tips to Stay Positive!

Hmmm what’s up everyone? I’ve been thinking a lot of things lately. However, I try to remain calm at ease for some reasons. Reading some positive quotes online helped me.

I’ve remembered something from Remez Sasson. It’s all about being pessimistic. It’s about changing your inner being. Something that would gradually change you into different one. Sometimes, it may create a new you.

According to him, negative thoughts are like heavy dark clouds hiding the sun and the sky, making the day look gloomy and threatening.

Well, I guess that’s true because I once felt it before and even feeling it right now. But do you know what keeps me going?… and what keeps me staying positive? Simple answer; I want to prove something to myself first before I prove something to others. I want to shout out to the whole world that what I choose to become is worth choosing for.

So, let me share how to stop negative thinking.

  1. Keep smiling despite the pain you’re struggling inside. Try to force yourself to smile no matter what happen. Smiling is exercising your muscles too. It’s double purpose!
  2. Talk to people who think positively in life and never mention about problems. The more you talk about happiness, the happier you become!
  3. Learn to love music even if you don’t. It will release stress and add color to your dull life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sing. Listening is enough!
  4. Refrain from talking about STRESS again and again. I will just develop a negative habit most of the time.
  5. Remain nice to others. Your struggles are not their business. Stay positive!
  6. Watch funny movies. The more you put comedy to your life, the least you think about negativity.
  7. Read inspiring quotes the way I do. I assure you it will really help!

Therefore, if you’re sad, dejected, and depressed? STOP it!!! It will just destroy you!

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A short time at Sumilon Island!

Have you read my previous post about the whale shark watching? Well, that’s located in Oslob and across to that island is the famous Sumilon island; 30 minutes by boat to be exact! So, don’t miss this beautiful island!

This is just so amazing!


Sumilon is a private island owned by the Bluewater resorts. So, it is restricted to the sandbar for non-guests.


It’s kinda expensive when you get there, but you can bring your own food if you’re out of budget and just stay around.

aThanks to my sister for this photo! It was so hot. Therefore, t’was a natural tanning for me!


It was such a beautiful getaway; a stress-free place to visit and forget all worries in life. So, if you’re planning have a day tour, this island is for you. After enjoying the sandbar, you can go back to where you are staying in Oslob, (there are lots of affordable rooms for rent there).



….taking some photos despite the heat of the sun…


Dipping before going back to Oslob!


DSC02925Thought to ponder: The purpose of our lives is to be happy and the natural state is joy.

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Oslob, Cebu Philippines! Whale Shark Watching!

Various people especially the tourists talk about the famous whale shark watching in the Southern part of Cebu. This place is located in Natalio Bacalso, Tan-awan, Oslob 6025 Philippines.

How to get there?

  1. From your current location, just take a taxi/jeepney to South Bus Terminal.
  2. From the South Bus Terminal, look for a CERES Bus bound to BATO.

If you are not familiar with the place, you’d better take a taxi. A piece of advice, always bring water or food because it’s quite pricey at the terminal. It takes 3-4 hours by bus or less than 4 hours by van or car to get there. You can see a sign board when you arrive there.



I was there in 2013 with my family and friends. We were invited to stay in my brother-in-law’s house. At that time, there was a festival (“FIESTA,” a common celebration in the Philippines.) Therefore, we didn’t pay anything except for our fare. 

It was the luckiest moment of my life because the house we’re staying was really close to the whale shark watching. In fact, when you go out from the house, the clean sea is already there. 

The house we stayed for 2 days and 1 night.




Outside the house, we enjoyed the tranquility of the place taking some good photos with nice background. Lol!





 The next day, my bff and I looked like tourists wearing our sunnies!



We have walked 3 minutes, reached the natural sea, and swam. ( P.S., I don’t know how to swim though!)


We were having fun. I don’t know how to swim, so I just enjoyed the warm seawater.

For Whale Shark feeding schedule, it usually starts at 6:00 am – 12:00 noon. In 2013, here’s the price list:

  • Whale watching + life vest: 300 php
  • Whale watching inclusive of snorkeling and equipments: 500 php for locals, 1000 php for foreigners.
  • Waterproof camera rental without memory card: 500 php
  • Waterproof camera rental with memory card: 550 php


With my sister, bff, and niece, preparing for the whale watching!


The weather was all good. 


OMG! No filter! I was using my querty old Samsung phone, selfie with dear butanding!


Hiding my puffy eyes with dark circles! Thanks dear sunnies! (Looked better!Lol!)


Enjoying the fine weather with these awesome people in my life! Other family members did not try for some reasons. Might as well they’re afraid lol!


You can be backpacker for a day and no need to stay in an expensive resort if you’re out of budget. Just simply bring some important stuffs and be comfortable on your own. Sumilon island is just across Oslob! If you want some adventure and love to enjoy the heat of the sun, take the most of it! Seize the day!

However, for those who love to stay longer and enjoy every moment while staying in a new place, you can stay in some resorts. Affordable ones are available especially for the locals.

Reminder: Most resorts are fully booked during peak season: Holy week, Christmas, New Year, etc. 

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Purifying and Soothing for the Skin

Worried of having a dry skin? Worry less!

I have a tip for you today especially to those who are on their mid 20’s, early or late 30’s. If you notice that your skin is getting dry or rough, don’t panic and think of going to a dermatologist.

I am not an expert when it comes to skin problems, but you can get rid of that minor problem when you start taking good care of your skin. I have some tips for you.

  1. Don’t expose too much from direct sunlight. If you can’t avoid it or if you’re working on the field, apply sun scream with SPF (make sure you don’t have any allergy).
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday to keep hydrated.
  3. Clean your face before you sleep, because our cells regenerate when sleeping. (Of course, outside is dusty or putting makeup can make your skin dry if you don’t remove it when sleeping.)
  4. Put moisturizer every night. ( If you can’t afford to buy, try virgin coconut oil. It’s cheaper.)
  5. Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.

On the other hand, doing these five tips may not suit you. Or shall I say, you are too lazy to do such as your daily regimen. I have last one recommendation. You can try this product from AVON. I am not paid by them. I just tried this once when I was so stressed and it gave a cool feeling on my face.

Usually, when we are stressed out, we get dry skin, and black/white heads depending on what skin types we have. We even get acne, (but that’s another story. I’ll post about it soon.)

Before going to an expensive clinic seeing a dermatologist, why not try this affordable peel-off mask?


This product is purifying, soothing, and energizing for the skin which removes dead skin and black heads.

How to use this:

  1. Make sure, there is no irritation on your skin. Else, you will not be satisfied with the results.
  2. Clean the face. Apply evenly all over the face. Make sure to avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
  3. Dry it for about 20 minutes.
  4. Gently peel off mask from forehead to chin.

P.S., when I tried this, it was really refreshing when I peeled off the mask. I was happy with the result and it cost not that bad for me. I use it once a week because I’m busy at work.

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Have done several decisions

But only in mind not in actions

Deleting you in my system is an option

But it keeps on coming back without hesitation

Have tried forgetting you since last year

But actions are hard and words are easier

Deleting your numbers in my phone

But digits are remembered when I turn it on

Have made up my mind to let go

But it still lingers and memories won’t go

Deleting everything about you may be not easy

But will do my best to be stress-free

Be Open-minded!

The arduous thing in this life is the undesirable actions we have. Why do most of us fail to succeed? Why do most of us practice impartiality? We even compare ourselves to others without reflecting if its worth to compare or not!

Life is simple. Why complicate it? The world is a life-size domain. When people leave you, review your actions and decisions. When things go wrong, ask yourself why it happened and why it will still happen. When you become depressed, seek help if you cannot help yourself. Try to be open-minded. Don’t you know why scientists always succeed? Well, they are as open as the universe no matter how long would it take for them to achieve something. That’s how constructive and positive individuals they are! Hence, be optimistic. Ignore negativity. It will just ruin your inner peace. Focus on what matters. The world is too wonderful to be affected by your  deleterious thoughts!

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