It’s now or never…

What a sigh! I thought it was gone. Why can't he hardly notice it? Is he numb? Maybe, maybe not, whatever! Why does this self still have fear to show it? Jeez! Am I being stupid again? This old-fashioned temperament of mine makes it complicated! I'll give it a try to wait for signs... If … Continue reading It’s now or never…


Still the one!

Darn this feeling every night Can't help but imagining your face so bright I know this isn't right You're like a ghost that gives fright Is this love or infatuation? Maybe the latter because there's no action I'm darn tired of waiting patiently Because I know there is no you and me What we have … Continue reading Still the one!

Stay Away

I've been waiting so desperately That we could be together forever someday But I was wrong for your feelings is like a season It changes which happen for a reason I know this is foolishness Waiting for the right happiness To you dear, I pray That in my mind you'll stay away